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Who We Are

PowerHouse Assets is a mission-­driven investment management firm whose goal is to give women investment self-confidence.  We have three primary objectives:

  • Educate women about smart investing techniques, within a supportive woman–to–woman community
  • Provide smart investment management
  • Offer a path for women to pursue a flexible, substantive career in financial services

What We Do

PowerHouse Assets take the intimidation out of investing.  We speak investing, but in terms that are easy to understand. No smoke and mirrors or black boxes.  Just the facts, plain and simple.  Our goal is to help women become engaged and knowledgeable.  We are committed to making the process of investing simple and straightforward and want to educate women through a supportive community, giving them the confidence and knowledge they need to achieve long term financial success.

We provide smart investment management that ultra-wealthy families have used for decades.  Our investment approach is tax efficient and low cost–based on worldwide asset allocation, deep diversification and consistent rebalancing.

Origin of PowerHouse Assets

PowerHouse Assets was started by Alice Finn, who spent more than a decade managing money for ultra-high net worth clients ($25 million plus) and has accrued a long list of accolades, including being named by Barron's as "The Giant" of the independent wealth management industry.

Alice Finn founded PowerHouse Assets to apply her experience to helping more women -- at all income and asset levels -- understand investments and achieve financial success for the long term. 

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