Wealth Management Expert

“In this essential book, Alice Finn shows that women have the power to rewrite the rules when it comes to managing their money. As a leader in financial planning, Alice knows better than anyone the core tenets of smart investing. Smart Women Love Money is a manual for how women can use five simple rules to achieve their financial goals.”

— Andrea Jung,

President and CEO of Grameen America and former Chairman and CEO, Avon Products

Women have made strides in so many areas and yet we still have a blind spot when it comes to managing our money. Why?

Myriad factors cause women to earn less than men over a lifetime, making it all the more imperative that we make the money we do have work for us as much as possible. Especially since as many as nine out of ten of us, at some point in our lives, will have to manage our finances and those of our family. Not investing has an opportunity cost that will lead to opportunities lost—the ability to pay for a college education, own a home, change careers to pursue a dream, or retire.

Drawing on more than 20 years of experience as a successful wealth management adviser, Finn shares proven strategies for women at all stages, whether starting a career, home raising children, or heading up a major corporation. Her five life-changing rules:

  1. Invest in Stocks for the Long Run – A guiding principle, giving you perspective so you will get the magic of compounding working for you, starting now.
  2. Allocate your Assets – Your lynchpin strategy for investing that will determine most of your returns.
  3. Implement with Index Funds – The best simple, low-cost way to invest. 
  4. Rebalance Regularly – How to sell high and buy low without much effort, to keep you on track toward your goals.
  5. Keep Your Fees Low – A how-to, so you don’t lose half your wealth to Wall Street (yes, many people do and don’t even know it).
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